About Us

We feel that there is no reason to hoard information, connections, or insight. Wisdom is meant to be shared, our goal is to share what we learn to help allow others to learn from our mistakes. Our goal is not to tear down companies or individuals but to help build them up. Let’s live up to our potential and help to make the world a better place. Growing together one baby step at a time.

We also reach out to online entrepreneurs that are willing to share their latest techniques at no cost to you. Occasionally you may need to provide an e-mail address or fill out a captcha in order to prove you are human in order to download some information or a product.

No need to grab your wallet for your debit or credit card here. What you will need though is an e-mail address. I advise not using your personal e-mail address as making money online comes with a lot of spam and “make money online” e-mail opportunities and it’s best to separate the two. That way, if you see an opportunity online you think you might be interested in you provide them with your secondary email address not your primary one. Second, you will need a Paypal account (Stripe, CashApp, Venmo and/or Square). That’s how people get paid online. Once you have one of these type of accounts you can link that to your Bank Account in order to transfer funds. If you already have a Paypal account that is linked to your Bank Account then you simply need to add your new e-mail address to your PayPal account. If you need to get paid on the go for your products and services then Square Cash is a great back up for those non Paypal interactions.