Submitting Your Website to Search Engines

If you have a web-based business or if a significant portion of your business is done on the web through your website, then the best advertising and marketing is done by submitting to a search engine. No amount of press release, newspaper or radio ad, banner ad, spam email or newsletter will achieve the same results, although, maybe effective in a small proportion.

Beware of companies that promise automatic submission of your website to hundreds of search engines which are but only false promises. The best way to submit your website for search engine ranking and inclusion is to do it yourself or to hire an expert to do it manually, by contacting the search engine companies and directories.

Before you begin to submit your website to search engines ensure your websites are thoroughly designed to the professional quality using the right key words, good graphics and pictures and the relevant content. Don’t submit websites that are incomplete. While submitting to a search engine, make sure to provide information about your website, keywords and any other information that may be pertinent, including the name and contact information of your business.

Mere submission to search engine companies does not guarantee that your site would be immediately listed and the ranking will be high. Because there are thousands of new websites coming up every day and it may take quite sometime before they take up your site for review by human editors. One important factor to remember while submitting site is to include a site map of your website which makes the crawling easy for the web robots. Search engines like ‘’ hardly considers submissions without site maps. If you are using WordPress you can use plug-ins like SEO Yoast or Google XML Sitemaps to generate your site map.

Similar to an index for a book a sitemap is a file where you provide information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site, and the relationships between them. Search engines read this file when they crawl your site and use it to create an index based on your pages, blog post titles, categories and tags. For a more detailed explanation read How Search Engines Work – Web Crawlers.

Bing – Webmaster Tools and Google’s Webmaster Tool Search Console where you can then submit your site. Google also has a free webmaster course for the novice you can check out here. By submitting your site to Bing you are also submitting it to Yahoo at the same time as Bing now manages Yahoo searches and site indexing.

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